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The 'Help', 'Guide' and 'Settings' menu

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Last Modified Date6/23/2017 1:11 PM
SummaryThe 'Help', 'Guide' and 'Settings' menu

The menu can be found in the recht upper corner of the screen:

Page 'Guide' 

This wizard helps to explore the application. It provides more information on the possibilities within the application. Click 'next' to go to the following function.


Page 'Help'

Subpage 'Stable data'

This page provides an overview of the stable data upload progress by data collection and data provider. 

Each cell in the table below shows the number of stable data records that have been uploaded correctly in HD4DP against the total number of records that have been collected in HD4RES.

Detailed information is displayed when clicking on a cell, and hidden when clicking on the cell again. This detailed information contains the number of records for each status. In fact, each stable data record is associated with one of the following (technical) statuses:

  • new: the record has recently been uploaded in HD4RES and is waiting to be sent to HD4DP

  • sent: the record has been sent to HD4DP

  • uploaded: the record has been uploaded correctly in HD4DP

  • error_sending: an error occurred while sending the record to HD4DP

  • error_uploading: an error occurred while uploading the record in HD4DP

Finally, completed uploads are highlighted in green, in-progress uploads are highlighted in orange, and uploads for which a problem has been detected are highlighted in red.


Subpage 'Support'

Choose ‘Support’ to be redirected to the support page from Healthdata. Articles on how to use HD4RES (link ligt naar HD4DP?) can be found here.

Use the search bar for a specific item. Enter a key word and the related articles will be shown.

Subpage 'Contact'

The contact page will show a form which can be used by the researcher to give remarks or ask questions.

Page 'Settings'

There are 4 parts in the Settings page:

  • Language: a language can be chosen

  • User Profile: username, rights and the password can be changed

  • Notifications: a user can be informed by mail on

  • Status messages: leads to the overview of status messages



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