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Technical Onboarding: webform and technical requirements

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Support article

Last Modified Date7/5/2017 11:18 AM
SummaryThis article describes filling in the web form for technical onboarding within Healthdata


This article describes how to fill in the web form for carrying out the iinstallation of HD4DP (consult article about technical onboarding of organizations for further details) within Healthdata.
It contains the following points:
  1. Contact details
  2. Server information
    • Teamviewer: ID, password, link, username, token, password
    • VPN: connection details, link, username, token, password
    • Other: connection details, link, username, token, password
  3. Server information
    • Server name or IP adress
    • Operating System: Windows, Linux, other + version
    • RAM: minimum 4Gb
    • CPU: minimum 2
    • Disk space: minimum 50 Gb
    • Username (including domain if applicable)
    • Password Server
    • User is local admin Y/N
    • Installation directory (optional)
    • Installation directory (optional)
  4. Database information
  • Connect to existing database server Y/N
  • Database System (Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Database Server name or IP adress
  • Database Server port (e.g. default, 1433)
  • Database Name (e.g. HD4DP)
  • Database Scheme (e.g. dbo)
  • Database Username
  • Database Password
  • User can read/write/create tables Y/N
  • Connect to Microsoft SQL Server using Windows Authentication Y/N
  1. User management
  • Combination Database (authorisation) and LDAP user management (authentication)
  • Database only (no integration with LDAP)
  1. External links: links should be accessible from the server, for the installation and operation of HD4DP. Please verify these URLs from the server’s web browser
  2. Software configuration / eHealth Public Key
    • Identification Type: NIHII-HOSPITAL, NIHII-LABO, CBE
    • Identification value: typically the organisation’s RIZIV/INAMI number
    • Application ID
  3. Software configuration / Encription module
    • REST web service / File system
  4. Prefilling demographic info: choose the service you want to connect to for retrieving patient information
    • None
    • RRN Connector
    • Custom Rest NRC
    • ADT-interface (e.g. Oazis)
  5. Mail server information
    • Mail SMTP Host
    • Mail "From" adress
    • Mail Security protocol
    • Mail SMTP Username (Optional)
  6. Controle - Captcha
  7. Review page (see below)

1. Contact details

View below the first page of the web form.
User-added image
Save (recommended) each page before going to the 'Next Page' by clicking on 'Save my progress and resume later'.
Consult (recommended) the saved from by clicking on 'Resume a previously saved form'.

2. Server info

This part requires 2 kinds of parameter : (1) Server Connection and (2) Server Machine.
  • Server Connection 
 Fill in all the fields in the screenshot below to give access to the future HD4DP server.

User-added image
  • Server Machine​
 Fill in all the fields to identify the HD4DP server in the screenshot below.

User-added image

3. Database info

Fill in 'Yes' or 'No' on the screen below and fill in all fields.

User-added image
If you select 'Yes', you should obtain the screen below.

User-added image

If you click on 'No', Healthdata will install a new database (Oracle Express) on your server.

4. User Management

You should see the screen below and fill in (make your choise).

User-added image
If you choose the first option 'Combination Database (authorisation) and LDAP user management (authentification)' consult this article.

User-added image

If you choise the second option 'Database only (no integration with LDAP)' that implies using the application to handle the customer account management.

5. External links

Select in the screen below for confirming the :
  • the access to website required for running the application HD4DP
  • the access to website required for installing the application HD4DP
  • the identification of a proxy server in front of the HD4DP server in the screen below .

User-added image

6. Software configuration / eHealth Public Key

Fill in the info about your eHealth certificate data in the screen below.

User-added image

7. Software configuration / Encryption module

Select the encryption module interface in the screen below.

User-added image
If you select  'REST web service' you have to fill in the info in the screenshot below.

User-added image

If you select 'File system' you have to fill in additional in the screenshot see below

User-added image

8. Prefilling demographic infoSS

Select the different options for prefilling demographic info in the screen below ( consult this article for further details).

User-added image

9. Mail server information

Fill the info about the mail server in order to enable the email notification of the HD4DP users.

User-added image

10 Control

Please enter the characters you see in this picture below

User-added image

11. Review page

  • Make sure your identification is correct by consulting the screenshot below.
  • Click on 'Confirm' to submit the form.
User-added image
see at the end of the review page :

User-added image




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