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Release Notes Version 1.9.x

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Last Modified Date8/21/2019 12:55 PM
SummaryRelease notes version 1.9.x

Release Notes Version 1.9.x

  • Release date: 23 January 2017
  • Summary: This new release contains improvements of the user experience which includes several new features, increases efficiency and has some additional minor bug fixes

New Features

  • Improved user experience for CSV upload
  • Detailed filter view to show the total amount of comments/open comments/resolved comments for a registration.

    You have the possibility to enable additional columns in the list view pertaining to the amount of comments in the registrations. Click on the gear icon on the right of the table and select 'Data Quality Type'. There you will be able to select the columns regarding the comments.

    Comments in filter
  • Account name is now visible in the top right corner
  • Ability for admins to clear caches for specific components

    Admins have the possibility to clear the cache of separate components when they login in HD4DP. They will see an extended block "Clear Caches" on their dashboard.

    Clear Caches
  • Improved user experience for lists in list items
  • Possibility for attachments in document view for specific registries
  • Possibility to print a registration form

    You can choose to print a registration form by clicking the 'printer'-icon next to the save button.

    Print registration


  • Registration api: merge/overwrite
  • Removal reset button in collection dropdown new user
  • Improved visualisation of read-only fields
  • More detailed explanation dialog for csv upload explains 'Unique ID' if there is one
  • After uploading an attachment in the provisioning folder, the attachment is moved out of the folder
  • CSV upload now ignores 'patient_id|generated:true' when the patient_id has any content


  • Follow-up activate --> approve --> no effect on HD4DP now
  • Chosen filter columns remain on refresh of the page instead of resetting to the default view
  • Wrong action buttons in a registration due to caching fixed
  • No longer only possible to sort on name in status messages report
  • Number fields containing 0 displayed as 0 now in listview instead of being empty
  • Clicking empty email field in account requests no longer generates an error
  • New comment deletes non-saved comments



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