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Release Notes Version 1.11.x

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OverzichtRelease Notes Version 1.11.x

Release notes Version 1.11.x

  • Release date: 17 July 2017
  • Summary HD4DP: start upgrade, delete all and submit all functionality, change email in account, share stable data between registers, demo environment is available
  • Summary HD4RES: send request for corrections at once, reopen participation from the participation view


New features


  • A button to manually start an upgrade is provided for administrator users
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  • Delete all and submit all functionality in HD4DP is added. Only registrations that are in status 'Open' can be submitted. Only registrations that are valid can be submitted
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When entering a SSIN number that also has a submitted registration in another register, all available stable data of the known SSIN number are prefilled in the new registration.
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  • Update email address is made possible in the Profile Settings
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  • Additional Action 'Request corrections' is added to the list view. It is now possible to send the request for corrections for selected registrations at once for registrations in status 'Comments needed'
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  • Reopen participation button is added to the Participation View to be able to reopen registrations for a specific participating data provider. All registrations that were finalized will be reopened
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  • On the Data Collection Definition website it is possible to navigate to the demo HD4DP application without logging in by using the "View in HD4DP" button in the registry documentation
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  • Forgot password functionality disabled in case of LDAP
  • Inactive fields are not displayed in the PDF
  • Improved data collection request dialog for admins: checkboxes Allow and Deny are added
  • Column ‘data collections’ with all accessible registers for a user is added in user list for admins


  • DDE:
    • Translations moved out of DDE in to the data collection definition manager
    • New minor version can only be created if the publish flag is set to true in the configuration parameters
    • Only ‘options’ can added below choice fields in the DDE
  • Participation page:
    • In the section Data Providers, status filter ‘finalised’ in the data provider section is checked by default
    • In the section Data Providers, all the data providers are visible by default. The 'See More' button is not necessary anymore
  • Status messages & registration statistics:
    • Renaming of ‘Status messages report’ to ‘Registration statistics’
    • Column 'Deleted' added to the ‘Registration statistics’
    • Columns that are not updated are removed from ‘Status message’ page



  • In case the data provider has no access to any registers, a clear message with instructions is shown
  • Data Collection View: Show message 'No results found' when there are no search results when using the search bar
  • Registration View: Extra scrollbar when info text (question mark-icon) is not completely visible
  • Data Collection View: Remember list view page when closing registration on a certain page
  • Registration View: Comments are ordered by the position of the field in the document
  • Participation Page: When a user moves over sub-registers, the button is changed visually


  • Synchronize data providers statuses between HD4DP and HD4RES




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