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Release Notes Version 1.10.x

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Last Modified Date8/21/2019 12:55 PM
SummaryNew features: Forgot password, Multiregistry, Request additional datacollections, Support patients without national registery number

Release Notes Version 1.10.x

  • Release date: 18 April 2017
  • Summary: New features: Forgot password, Multiregistry, Request additional datacollections, Support patients without national registery number

New Features

  • Multiregister
It's now possible to have multiple registers under a general register. The participation and user creation for individual registers are the same for each register under the general register.
This way it's now easier to manage participations and registries. With every version of the registration there will be an overview under each general register. Current impacted registers are The Belgian Cancer Registery, HIV_COHORT and Pedisurv.

  • NIHDI Registration ID
You can now enter the NIHDI number into our software. This is a unique code which is generated for example reimbursement purposes. This is needed for the Prolapse and Amputation registration and to apply for financial retribution.
After submitting the registration, the unique number will be generated.
  • Reopen participation
You can now reopen participation of registers, even after the participation has ended. No need to contact Healthdata, this can now be done in the software.
Use case: e.g. one user has finalized the datacollection and another user wants to reopen to add additional information.

User-added image
  • Additional participation info
It's now possible to add comments to a datacollection participation.
  • Forgot password
The user can now request a password reset from the login page. There is no manual action required or somebody else to approve.
Warning: This feature is not functional for LDAP users.

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  • Derivation of sex and birth date from NISS
The sex and birth date is now automatically filled in when the NISS number is entered (even without using a national number connector).
  • Request access to datacollection
You can now request access to supplemantary datacollections. In previous versions you needed to send a mail request.

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  • NISS and stable data enrichment on CSV import
  • NISSbis compatibility
When somebody has a temporary NISS number (NISSbis), it now gets accepted into our software as a correct number.


  • Listview/Participation sidebar
  • Participation page is updated with more info
  • E-mail address is now required for new users and when editing a user
  • Selecting NO in a document now results in a green checkmark as confirmation
  • Installation ID enrichment on CSV upload
  • All configuration settings are now visible for support_admin
  • Input required e-mail template changed for researchers only
  • Better visualisation for list items in document view
  • DDE translations now includes participation docdef
  • Public datacollections are no longer available to all users, they have to be assigned
  • It is now possible to submit reopened registrations even if the participation date has expired
  • Small popups in the right upper corner now stack vertically
  • A warning will be displayed when when finalizing a datacollection with registrations in status open
  • Status messages report now shows dataprovider ID


  • Delete comment deletes the wrong comment
  • Notification parameters misbehavior
  • Translations
  • Long dcd names overflow in dropdown
  • Bad credentials message when HD4DP is unavailable
  • Registration selections are lost when navigating to another page in the same datacollection
  • Catalogue cache clear gives 404-page
  • Clear all caches button



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