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Processing Data

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Last Modified Date4/11/2018 3:05 PM
SummaryProcessing Data

Registration progress report

The progress of a registration can be found in the registration progress report. The report can be found in the Participation section of a register:

Alternatively the report is reached via the Settings section in the "Status Messages" part.

Registrations of data providers which needs corrections must be processed before they can be sent to the datawarehouse.

The view is a representation of the HD4DP statuses for a register.


Statuses in HD4DP and HD4RES

Data is sent from HD4DP through HD4RES to the data warahouse for reporting. Therefore HD4RES receives and sends information from and to HD4DP and receives updates from the datawarehouse. 

The result is that the statuses in HD4DP are dependent on the statuses in HD4RES and vica versa. Moreover, HD4RES is also depening on the data warehouse.
Statuses will be visible in the 'Data Collection' section:

An overview of these statuses in the applications:






Data is being sent from HD4DP to HD4RES.



Data has arrived in HD4RES. The data are automatically send to the data warehouse for validation.


Comments needed

A validation error or warning occurered during the validation process in the data warehouse. Comments are needed in HD4RES.



Data is being send from HD4RES to HD4DP in case of comments.


Corrections requested

Comments are send to the data provider in HD4DP. Action required on data provider site.


New correction

Comments are answered and/or modifications are done. The data are automatically send to the data warehouse for validation.



Data has arrived in HD4RES and the data warehouse.



Data was deleted in HD4DP.



An error has occurred. Please contact

Follow up Needed

New Follow up

Some registrations need follow-up cf. Registrations with status 'Follow-up needed'.  Therefore additional information will be asked at predefined milestones, which are defined in the set-up phase of the registry. 

Registrations with status 'Corrections needed' need to be revised. The researcher has comments that require an update or revision. He needs to process the data (see further).

Process data

In the Data collection section, registrations can be processed.

To get a complete view of the status of a registration, make sure the column 'Status confirmation' is visible:

When opening a registration, the details can be viewed.

Communication with data providers for records in status 'Comments needed'

If a validation error or warning occurred during the validation process in the Data Warehouse, revision is needed.

The validation tab in the right panel of the screen will provide the user with information about the errors and warnings.

The status is HD4DP is still 'Submitted', while de status in HD4RES was changes to 'Comments needed'.

If the data seem to be incorrect after revision, the record needs to be revised in by the data provider by means of comments.

When using the button 'Request corrections', the status of the registration is in:

  • HD4RES changes to 'Corrections requested'

  • HD4DP changes to 'Open'

When comments are added, the status in HD4RES changes to 'New comments' and can be revised again. Re-sumitting them to STG or in other words the Data Warehouse (see further) will result in a revalidation of the data.

Communication with the Data Warehouse by re-submitting data to STG

Sending data to the Data Warehouse happens automatically the first time data are added. 

If after revision the data seems to be correct or is corrected the data could be re-sumitted to STG.

In the case first case, when data seems to be correct, the validation rules should be revised by the development team or the register manager

Using the button 'Re-submit to STG' will send the data to the Data Warehouse and re-execute the validation rules.


Resubmission of rejected registrations in HD4RES

When a researcher requests corrections for a registration from the data provider and does not get an answer, the researcher should be able to continue with the current dataset and mark the status for the registration as approved, despite the lack of requested corrections.

Therefore the researcher can resubmit records in HD4RES. After resubmitting the data provider is able to send corrections on the data and comments of the researcher. 

If necessary the researcher is able to accept or reject the records concerned without the intervention of the data provider at this point.

Data that were saved but not submitted in time in HD4DP can be overwritten by this action by the action of the researcher in HD4RES. 




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