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Managing upgrades from 1.10.x to 1.11.x for HD4DP

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Last Modified Date8/3/2018 8:28 AM
SummaryManaging upgrades from 1.10.x to 1.11.x for HD4DP

Configuring Tomcat

  • Add Tomcat manager if it is not yet present in the webapps folder
    • It can be downloaded from the Apache Tomcat website as part of Tomcat on 
    • Paste the Tomcat Manager folder in the TOMCAT_FOLDER/Webapps
    • Make sure the version of Tomcat matches with the version of the Tomcat manager in consulting the RELEASE_NOTE of Tomcat located in  TOMCAT_FOLDER
  • Add Tomcat manager user in conf/tomcat-users.xml, with a unique password
    • <user username="username" password="password" roles="manager-script"/> 
  • Install healthdata_upgrader.war in the webapps folder
  • Certificates:
    • Add healthdata, terena and digicert certificate(s) to the cacerts trust store file from the Healtdata website
    • Add the certificates to the default location JAVA_HOME/JRE/lib/security/cacerts
    • Add these certificates in the cacerts keystore  :
    • The default cacerts password is "changeit"
    • Configure Tomcat to use cacerts:
      • Add this setting to java​
        • Windows: in tomcat7w.exe in the Java tab and in text windows named Java Options
User-added image
  • Linux: bin/ in export JAVA_OPTS="..."  using the console
  • Restart Tomcat
  • After restarting verify that the manager is correctly installed by accessing http://localhost:8080/manager/status


Configure HD4DP

Five configurations in HD4DP (>1.12.0), must be set with an admin account:

  • TOMCAT_MANAGER_HOST, e.g., http://localhost:8080/manager/text,
    • If Tomcat is installed on another port, change this
  • TOMCAT_MANAGER_USERNAME, username configured in tomcat-users.xml
  • TOMCAT_MANAGER_PASSWORD, password configured in tomcat-users.xml
  • MAPPING_LOCATION, location of the mapping api
    • e.g. “C:\Healthdata”, without “\healthdata-api”
  • AUTO_UPGRADE_ENABLED, (true/false) check every night whether an upgrade is available and execute it

Downloads will be made available on the catalogue as well, which is always accessible.


Managing manual upgrades

An upgrade can be triggered manually by logging in as an admin in HD4DP and pressing the upgrade button

Possible responses:

  • No upgrade available (204)
  • Upgrade has started (202)
  • An upgrade is already in progress (403)

The status of an upgrade can be monitored at

  • /healthdata_upgrader/upgrade/status
  • /healthdata_hd4dp/upgrade/status



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