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Last Modified Date4/11/2018 2:56 PM
SummaryJIRA Login

JIRA Software is built for every member of a team to plan, track, and folow-up the progress of the implementation of his project.

For every member of a project an account is created and the person receives an email with an invitation to participate a project defined on Jira

Please note that the sender is Atlassian-Jira and not

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Your email address is needed to log in . You can choose a password during the sign up process. 

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After logging in, the home page of Jira is shown. To get to the Healthdata projects, go to the menu-icon on the left hand side and select Healthdata Jira.​

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The System Dashboard of the Healtdata environment is shown. The main menu enables members to have an overview of more specific information per project.

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In case you did forget your password, you can always reset your password by using the recover password link in the login screen. A mail will be sent to your mail address with the instructions to recover your password.
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Note that the prefered webbrowser for JIRA is Google Chrome.

For other questions concerning Jira, please contact



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