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How to Connect to Remote Healthstat

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Last Modified Date4/13/2018 11:04 AM
SummaryHow to Connect to Remote Healthstat

Connect to Remote Healthstat

Make a connection with A window appears to logon to the application.
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Please install Citrix Receiver. All applications work fine without this software, but they will run WITHIN the browser. With Citrix Receiver, the applications will run within their own window.
If you start an application you might get this message:
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Citrix wants to give applications access to your own directories on your pc. Just select “Permit all access“ and “Do not ask me again for this site.” in case you do not want to see this pop up again.
If you are using Enterprise Guide, you want to have access to your PC from within Enterprise Guide to Import data from your PC or store Projects on your PC.

Install Citrix Receiver

Why Citrix Receiver?

If you start the applications available to you on Remote Healthstat and you do not use the Citrix Receiver, the application will run within the browser window of Remote Healthstat. If you only have a couple of applications to use, this does not have to be a problem and you can ignore this article. If however you want to overcome this limitation, you have to install Citrix Receiver 4.6.

So, without Citrix Receiver activated, every application will run within its own TAB within the browser
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With Citrix Receiver every application will run within its own window, outside of the browser.

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Installation of Citrix Receiver

First of all, if you have the choice use Chrome on your PC to install Citrix Receiver on your pc. 

If you are an administrator on the PC you are using, you can install the receiver using the displayed link on Remote Healthstat. First you have to agree with the installation of Citrix Receiver. If you do not want to install the receiver you click on 'Log on'
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If you decided to install, you have to run the proposed .exe. Once this is done, you click on 'Continue'
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If you are not an administrator of your PC and you are a member of Sciensano, you can still use this method, but if this does not work for any reason, use the standard method of installing software via, since Citrix Webreceiver 4.6 is available to you at the software site of Sciensano. 

If you are not a member of Sciensano and your organisation does not include Citrix Receiver as an installable software, you need to ask your organisation to install it on your PC or keep on working within the browser, without Citrix Receiver.

These are the pages you get when you install the Citrix Receiver:
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If you do not see the window, click the Citrix Receiver icon on the menu bar of your desktop... We have noticed these screens do not pop up automatically.
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Once the Citrix Receiver is installed, you have to activate it in the browser window on the page Using Internet explorer, you cannot turn the receiver off, using Chrome you can.
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If the Citrix Receiver is installed and you have activated, it the applications you start using can be moved around freely as any other application that is running on your screen(s).
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