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Documentation for registry PITTER

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Last Modified Date4/30/2020 10:47 AM
SummaryDocumentation for registry PITTER

The HD4DP application enables data providers to collect data.

Registers are accurately composed to be able to capture all the necessary specifications and data in HD4DP.

The specifications for PITTER and more information to get started with the registration of data for PITTER are explainded in this article.


Consult this document.

Data Providers

All laboratories invoicing tests through article 33ter of the nomenclature.


For technical issues, contact:
For administrative questions about the reimbursement, contact:

Specifications of the register

The powerpoint used at the information sessions on 3/5/18 and 7/5/18 at RIZIV-INAMI can be consulted by clicking the below images:

NL                                                             FR                
ppt ngs pitter used at riziv     ppt NGS PITTER

A technical session was organised for LIMS providers and IT responsibles of LABS on May 22nd 2018 to instruct on how to prepare the csv extractions.

  • Please find the video of this Webconference call here:

  • Please find the presentation that was used during this Technical Information session here.

Request an account

HD4DP is a local application that is accessible in a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome, which has a specific link in every organisation.
  • Open the link for the HD4DP application or contact at to get the link for your organisation.

User-added image

  • Click on the Request account link on the login page 
  • Fill out the request form:
    • Enter a username, first name, last name and email address
    • Select the organization and data collection(s)
    • Fill in the Requester email field if a person requests an account for a third person
    • Submit the request user the Request button 
  • Confirmation emails are sent to the person for whom the account was requested as well as the requester, if the field 'Requester email' was filled
  • The approval or rejection for the user account is confirmed by mail. Depending on your orginazation, this could take a few hours.
    • This action will be done by an HD4DP administrator in your organisation 
    • The confirmation mail will include all the necessary information to log in

Start collecting data

The HD4DP application enables data providers to collect data

The medical and professional secret is protected at various levels and through principles such as encoding, encryption, and user-acces management. The combination of these elements guarantees so-called "end-to-end security". 

During the data collection process, which is done by this application, all data is securely (= anonymized) transferred to Sciensano, with the use of e-health box:

  • The data provider never receives the coded identifiers

  • eHealth has never access to medical data or metadata

  • never receives the original identifier, but can reconcile different entries

An overview is given in the video:

We provide more documentation of the different functions and possibilities in the different phases of data collection in the HD4DP application.

PITTER User Manual

You can consult of download this document.



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