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Registration statuses in HD4DP

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Last Modified Date12/11/2017 3:39 PM
SummaryThe usage of registration statuses in HD4DP explained
The HD4DP application can be consulted using different versions. These versions can contain different statusses

Where to find the status of a registration?

Statuses are shown in 'Status' column which is per default the first column in the overview:


What is a Status Confirmation?

The status confirmation gives information about the arriving of the data in HD4DP. The status confirmation, which is in fact a substatus of a registration is shown in the column 'Status confirmation'. 

To view the 'Status Confirmation', modify the list view add the column 'Status confirmation':

As soon as a registration is sent and has status 'Submitted', the confirmation column will show the following substatus:

  • Pending
  • OK: the registration has arrived
  • NOK: the registration did not arrive within 48 hours

Statusses per version explained

Statusses can change per version of HD4DP. The HD4DP version is mentioned at the bottom of each overview screen:

The different registration statuses in HD4DP as of v1.8 are:

User-added image Open*: a registration is created and stored. It has not been submitted
User-added image Sending: the registration is being sent to HD4RES
User-added image Submitted: the registration has been sent to HD4RES. This does not necessarily mean that the registration has arrived in HD4RES
User-added image Registrations in status 'Corrections needed'*: the researcher verified the registration and added some comments. Review the comments and correct where necessary
User-added image Approved: the researcher verified and approved the registration
User-added image Registrations with status 'Follow-up needed'*: a follow-up registration is needed for this registration. Fill in the newly available fields
User-added image Error: your account is not authorized to create and submit registration for this register. Please contact support.

* action is required from the user

The below scheme summarizes the different registration statuses in HD4DP and Processing Data and their relation to each other:
User-added image



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