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What is a codepat and how is it calculated?

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Last Modified Date6/26/2017 8:29 AM
SummaryValidation rules for the codepat calculation

What is a codepat ?

In case you do not dispose of a national number of the patient, a codepat will be generated.

This patient identifier is calculated in case :

  • no National number is filled in
  • at least Sex and Date of birth are filled in.

You will need to check the box to confirm you do not dispose of a valid national number (SSIN or SSIN-bis), as shown below.

Codepat generation

Once you confirm, the codepat is calculated based on the fields  Date of Birth, Last Name, First Name, Sex. See example below

codepat confirmation

How is the codepat calculated?

The Codepat is calculated based on validation rules, following the format YYYYMMDDXXYYZ.
These are the validation rules for each element:
  • YYYYMMDD: birth date
  • XX:
    • First 2 characters of last name (in case no last name is given a '??' will be calculated)
    • Exceptions: names with prefixes VAN, DE, DU, DEL, DES, IN, LA, LE, LES, OP, VANDE, VAN DE, VANDEN, VAN DEN, VANDER, VAN DER: use first character of prefix and first character after prefix.
    • Apostrophes must be ignored
  • YY:
    • First 2 characters of first name (in case no first name is given a '??' will be calculated)
    • Exceptions: compound first names: use two first characters of both names. Attention: only names separated with ‘-’ are considered as composed names.
  • Z: sex (M or F)



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