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Changing the Data Definition Model

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Last Modified Date4/11/2018 3:04 PM
SummaryChanging the Data Definition Model

The DDE allows to define the  forms that are used in the application to collect information from the data providers.
The Data collection Definition Editor (DDE) allows users with an administrator account to adapt existing information models that are used in the application.

The creation of a new version will be done by the support team of healthdata after validation. The preparation done by users with an administrator account will serve as a basis for this new and validated version

It is never the goal for researcher to fully deliver a finished data collection model. Validation by the Healthdata support team

To edit the current Data Definition Model, use button 'Data Collection List' in the Dashboard section of the HD4RES application:
User-added image

After selecting a register details become visible:

  • At the top of the version, page publishing and activation statuses can be found

  • Dates concerning the creation submission, period and comments are visible

  • Descriptions are available

User-added image
When clicking in the Action-column behind a version, details of this version become available.

At the bottom the history of the register is shown.

User-added image

Using the button 'View in DDE' gives the possibility to view or change the data model.

For changing the form which is the visualisation of the data model of a registrer, we need to:



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