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CSV download and upload for stable data

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Last Modified Date5/30/2018 4:11 PM
SummaryCSV download and upload for stable data
Before starting a new data collection based on stable data of another data collection, you need to finalize the data collection which serves as the starting point of your new data collecion cf. Finalize the data collection.

To start the new data collection select the new version in the Data collection section. In this case v3. 

Click the button "Go to the participation page":

User-added image

Click on ‘Participate’:

User-added image
The Start date in the Participation status will be updated and access to the new version is completed and the user can return to the Data Collection section:

User-added image

Once the previous data collection is finalized and the new one has been started, you can download data from the first version and add those to the next version. 

Go to the Registratrations tab:

Door gebruiker toegevoegde afbeelding

Download the data by using the Download button "CSV Download All (Stable Data)":

Door gebruiker toegevoegde afbeelding

When everything is downloaded, you can start uploading by Using the upload center.



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