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Add validation in DDE

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Last Modified Date3/28/2018 8:43 AM
SummaryHow to add validation in DDE

Conditions are used for validation errors and warnings. Currently, there is only advanced support for minimum and maximum validations (cfr. validators). All other validations must be defined through conditions. Typically, conditions are added at the top-level of the definition (through Edit document level settings). Three fields must be provided:

  • Error or warning: An error keeps the form from being submitted. Warnings are purely indicative and do not impact the submission of the form. 

  • Error message: The message that is displayed when the condition is triggered. In order to define links in the error message to the relevant fields the notation {{This is error message for field abcd|['abcd']}} must be used. The {{}} defines what part of the error message is linked. The value after the | defines what field the link refers to. The field reference notation is the extended notation, making use of ['']



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