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Add context in DDE

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Last Modified Date5/5/2017 12:05 PM
SummaryHow to add context in DDE

The DDE provides multiple possibilities to add context to the form:

  • Help text on sections: It is possible to add help text on sections, by clicking on the relevant section in the DDE and filling out the 'Help' field. This help text is displayed by default in the form.


  • Help text on fields: As on sections, help text can be added on fields. By default, this help text is displayed with an info button in the form. If this is not sufficient, the help text can also be displayed by default by checking the Show help text inline? checkmark.

  • Information fields: It is also possible to add simple information fields, which are read-only text fields that can provide additional guidance to the user.

Both help texts and information fields allow for basic HTML-formatting.



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