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Release Notes Version 1.15.x

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Last Modified Date11/20/2018 9:54 AM
SummaryRelease Notes Version 1.15.x

New Features


  • Allow reopening of participation document 
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  • ​Show popup with warning 'unsaved changes' on edit participation content to avoid for users to lose changes
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  • The possibility of downloading attachments added to registrations is added 
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  • When using the upload center, the cancellation of an upload is made available in the upload step 
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  • For HD4Patient registrations which are entered by the patient are read-only in HD4DP
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  • The password encryption was improved to meet the current security standards
  • Various frontend improvements // provide some examples, with possible screenshots
  • Use full reflist cache when entering registrations and uploading documents for performance reasons
  • The logging mechanism is only storing the necessary data to improve performance. In case of a problem, full logging can be requested
  • The elastic search used for minimalizing to time to open the overview of the registrations is only indexing the fields on which a user can filter and sort. Bulk indexing for uploads is additionally enabled
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  • The same version of elastic search is used in all HD4* applications to facilitate the maintenance of all applications
  • Public and private repositories are merged for performance reasons. Healthdata_hd4dp.war and the database_hd4dp.war is merged into the healthdata_hd4dp.war 
  • Refactoring backend processes by splitting, grouping and parallizing tasks to optimize the processes in time, dependency and performance
  • Optimize the workflows and dataflows to have easy access to their related proporties 




  • In the Data Dictionary Editor (DDE) the option is added to hide a field for the for the patient, in the PDF or for review from Editor tab 
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  • Enable to set the status of the Data Dictionary Editor (DDE) in the general set-up
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  • Missing translations in Dutch and French are added in the application
  • Enable the possibilities of the actions button when multiple registrations are selected

HD4DP Server Requirements from the results of the load testing on acceptance Environments

When installing the new HD4DP application, a reindexation will be performed, this will take more time depending on the number of registrations in the application.
During this reindexation, not all the registrations will be visible. New registrations can still be submitted but won’t be visible in the user interface.
The duration of the reindexation depends heavily on the resources of the machine, therefore we recommend the following specifications for the machine:

  • At least 2 CPU cores, when the machine only runs HD4DP
  • 8 GB RAM, of which 4 GB assigned to the Tomcat server
  • We also recommend running the UM/XConnect on a separate machine

For example in our pre-release tests, a reindexation of 240.000 registrations on a 2 CPU, 4 GB machine could take up to 36 hours. Increasing the RAM to 8 GB reduced this time to 9 hours.





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