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Last Modified Date4/11/2018 2:56 PM
SummaryJIRA - Issue
The detail of an issue in Jira contains important information about both the explanation of the issue and the process of monitoring the issue.

In this article we highlight the most important components and features in the details of an issue.


In the overview of an issue fixed and dynamic components exist. Fixed component are always available, dynamic components will appear if certain features is filled in by a user e.g. links.  

A general overview of an issue resembles to the following screen:
User-added image

​You can edit the issue by using the Edit button in the main menu.

The Details contain the Type of the issue:
  • Epic
  • Task
  • Change Request

User-added image

The Workflow of the issue is displayed in 4 statusses:
  • Approved
  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • Done

User-added image

To change the Assignee for an issue, use the Edit or the Assign button in the main menu. A pop-up will appear. Start typing the name of the person to whom you want to assign the issue.

User-added image

To view more fields in the screen, go to the Configure fields button in the right upper corner of the pop-up and choose the additional fields required.

User-added image

The Due Date can be changed from this screen.

User-added image

When clicking the Update or Cancel button, the pop-up will automatically close.

In the right upper corner of the main screen, other options can be found such as Export, Download and More.

We understand More to mean additional options including going to the Agile Board, Create a sub-task and, Converto to sub- tast and Add a link

User-added image

You can monitor the changes made to an issue in the Activity section in the lower part of the main screen:

User-added image



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